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This single tier stainless steel lunchbox is great for lunches. With the easy to carry handle and 2 roll clips, it will keep all items secure in its sealed compartment. This lunchbox comes with an interanl compartment that sits in the top and is perfect for nuts, seeds grapes, crackers or small wraps or can also be used as a plate. The main compartment has plenty of room for salads or sandwich.
Enough room for children’s lunch’s of any age it is easy to use and will go the distance with “most” teenagers.
Dishwasher safe
Size – 15cm x 7cm

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TIFFIN CARRIER – 2 TIER (Product Code TC002)

With its simple design the 2 Tier Tiffin Carrier is easy to use and holds enough food for lunches and snacks for the little person in your life. Children from 3 or 4 are able to use the clip system and will find the carrier easy to use and carry.
This Tiffin can be used for storage of food, transporting meals for dinner parties and is a smart and safe way to store leftovers.
Size – 14cm x 14cm

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TIFFIN CARRIER – 3 TIER (Product Code TC001)

The 3 Tier Tiffin has the unique clip system. Perfect for school age children who can carry morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea in the 3 separate compartments. It is simple to use and comes with a complimentary mini Belly Tin for cheese or melon cubes, anything you like.
It is also a very useful container for varying occasions such as transporting dishes for dinner parties, using for picnics or for your office lunches. A versatile and unique lunchbox with a handy carry handle, it’s easy to use.
Size – 17cm x 14cm


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