Refund Policy

As a customer of LUNCHBOXMANIA you are entitled to a refund when the goods purchased;

  • has a basic, serious fault that was not known at the time of purchase
  • does not do the job that you were led to believe they would do
  • does not match the sample that was shown, or
  • does not fit the description.

As a customer of LUNCHBOXMANIA if you want a refund you should:

  • report the details of the fault or return the goods back to us as soon as possible
  • state what remedy you would like
  • provide proof of purchase when returning the goods
  • be sure that you did not cause the fault
  • stop using the faulty item
  • make sure you care for the goods while in possession.

As a customer of LUNCHBOXMANIA you are not entitled to a refund if;

  • you change your mind about a product.
  • you knew, or should have known about a fault when the goods were bought, for example as seconds
  • you are unable to prove from whom and when the item was purchased.

you are responsible for damaging the goods by not following the instructions, or misusing the product.